Anyone X Dan & Dave Smoke Holographic Gilded and Standard Set
Smoke Holographic Set by Anyone X Dan & Dave

Smoke Holographic Set by Anyone X Dan & Dave

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In 2007 Dan and Dave launched their brand of custom playing cards called Smoke & Mirrors. The cards, and the series that followed, became extremely popular in the magic and cardistry community. In 2012, after fifteen editions, Dan and Dave retired the brand.

Six years later, Dan and Dave teamed up with Anyone Worldwide for a unique collaboration that introduced Smoke & Mirrors to a new generation of cardists.

Anyone x Smoke & Mirrors is a minimal redesign of the first edition Smoke & Mirror, focusing on brand iconography and fashionable aesthetics. It is as unique to Anyone Worldwide as it is a throwback to the beginnings of cardistry and the original hype deck.

This special set includes both the standard and the much rarer holographic gilded edition of this iconic deck.