We are please to offer worldwide shipping through Canada Post. We have always had excellent results with their Expedited Parcel service, and therefore use it for most of our shipping needs.


Shipping rates will be calculated at checkout using real-time rates based on package weight and dimensions plus handling, packaging, and service fees. Insurance may be added for high-value items depending on the destination. Once a package safely leaves our hands, the customer assumes responsibility for any additional fees or charges that may arise. Please be aware that for international customers (outside Canada), this may include additional import taxes and/or customs fees, depending on your country,  For US customers this is rarely an issue, as orders below $800 USD are exempt from duty.


In order to dedicate the time and care necessary to prepare our decks for their long trip, our shipping activities take place on weekends. Although we cannot guarantee the delivery date of our shipments, made can give fairly accurate guidelines. Delivery within North America normally occurs within a week, meaning that you can expect your cards by the Friday following the first weekend after your order is placed. For other continents, delivery will generally range from two to three weeks.


Every package we send out to an eligible destination has a unique confirmation number which can be tracked by entering the number on the Canada Post website. However, packages shipped outside of North America may not be reliably updated once they head overseas. Sometimes, once the package enters your country, accurate delivery updates can be obtained by entering the confirmation number into your country's national courier service website, such as Parcel Force in the UK.


By law, all packages have their value marked on the outside. Your government may charge import taxes and/or customs fees based on this value. We have no control over such fees; they are an unfortunately cost of buying and selling internationally. Your government website should contain information on the fees you can expect, if any. As noted above, orders below $800 USD are exempt from US duty, so this is rarely an issue for US customers. If an order is returned to us for failure to pay customs fees, a 20% restocking fee will apply.


Once a package safely leaves our hands, we cannot be held accountable for missing, lost or stolen packages. If significant time has passed beyond the expected delivery date and delivery status indicates that it hasn't been delivered, enquiring with your local post office or parcel carrier for assistance will be your best course of action. Failing that, you can contact us and we will provide any assistance that we can.


While we do our best to offer shipping to a majority of countries, due to certain local restrictions or customs import laws in some countries, we may be unable to ship to your location. We also may not ship to certain countries due to frequent cases of fraud, experiencing delivery issues or other problems.  Therefore, we reserve the ultimate right to cancel any order which, in our judgement, may face delivery-related problems.